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    Steel-lined PTFE compensator expansion joints can be designed according to the special requirements of users (corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.), and can produce various specifications of non-metallic expansion joint products and other products, repair or replace various damage and loss effects for users. Non-metallic expansion joints (including the replacement and maintenance of imported non-metallic expansion joint parts), free of charge for the non-metallic expansion joint selection of the engineering piping system and on-site installation technical guidance.

    First, technical parameters

    Pressure: vacuum ~ 0.1MPa

    Temperature: -20 ° C ~ 1000 ° C

    Round: DN50~DN5000

    Rectangle: any section

    The outer body is a stainless steel metal compensator

    It can withstand various concentrations of acid, alkali, salt, and also has the pressure of stainless steel compensator, not afraid of collision advantages.

    Available: DN25-6000mm

    Continuous fatigue life: 3000 times

    Pressure rating: PN0.6, PN1.0, PN1.6, PN2.5, PN4.0MPa

    Operating temperature: 420 ° C

    Second, steel lining PTFE compensator product features

    Steel-lined PTFE compensators provide large multi-dimensional direction compensation in a small size range.

    1, compensation installation error

    Due to the pipeline connection, system errors are inevitable, and the non-metallic compensator can better eliminate the installation error.

    2, silencer vibration isolation

    Fiber fabric, insulation cotton itself has the function of sound absorption and vibration transmission, which can effectively reduce the noise and vibration of boilers, fans and other systems.

    3, no reverse thrust

    Since the body material is a fiber fabric, the forceless transfer, the use of a non-metallic compensator simplifies the design.

    4, high temperature and corrosion resistance

    Fluoroplastics used, silicone materials have good resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.

    5, good sealing performance

    It has good sealing under the action of various media.

    6, low prices

    1/2 to 1/3 of imported similar products.

    7, easy to install and maintain

    Third, steel lining PTFE compensator application range

    1. Boiler factory;

    2. Cement factory;

    3. Steel plant; melting furnace, incinerator;

    4. Thermal power plants and nuclear power plants;

    5, air conditioning air supply system;

    6. Glass and mineral wool industry;

    7. Petrochemical enterprises;

    8. Air and gas cleaning plants;

    9. The wind turbine factory and all the pressures in the industry require high flexibility and flexibility. The expansion joint must be installed.


Steel lining PTFE compensator
Steel lining PTFE compensator
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